The Expanding Your Horizons Network connects girls with STEM through mentorship and hands-on experience.

Great STEM Minds Think Like Girls
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Great STEM Minds Think Like Girls

Each year, Expanding Your Horizons Network (EYH) helps thousands of girls around the world discover how fun science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) can be. Intellectual Ventures is a proud supporter of this program, which motivates girls to become innovative and creative thinkers ready to meet 21st century challenges. 

Now more than ever, young girls need encouragement, role models, and active support to reach their full potential in STEM-related fields. That’s not to say that boys are better than girls at STEM. On the contrary, actually. Test results from around the world show that girls are just as capable as their male peers when it comes to STEM, but cultural biases and a lack of women role models in STEM-related fields cause girls in America to steer clear. It’s a vicious cycle—without proper STEM education, fewer girls grow up to enter STEM-related fields, which means fewer role models to inspire future generations. That’s where organizations like EYH come in.

At EYH conferences, girls in grades 6-12 get to explore the STEM fields and participate in challenging activities taught by female STEM mentors. The workshops at each conference teach girls how to do a wide variety of STEM-related tasks, such as completing a veterinary exam, assembling a robot, cleaning polluted water, extracting DNA, and more. Since 2011, more than two dozen female volunteer mentors from Intellectual Ventures have led hands-on, STEM-related workshops for more than 3,000 local girls—showing first-hand that STEM education can lead to rewarding careers.

EYH is always looking for women STEM mentors to lead workshops and teach girls about the rewarding possibilities of a STEM career. EYH holds conferences in 31 states across the U.S., and in Europe and Asia. Find a conference near you, and sign up to volunteer. For more information, visit the Expanding Your Horizons Network website.

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