In an open letter from the CEO and founder of STEMconnector, Edie Fraser describes how STEM is the foundation of invention.

STEMconnector Salutes Invention
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STEMconnector Salutes Invention

When Edie Fraser founded STEMconnector in 2011, she recognized a gap between the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)  organizations and their collaboration with the wider STEM education community. Working with over 3,500 organizations, ranging from government agencies to multinational corporations, STEMconnector has grown to become the preeminent network of like-minded organizations that are working to build the talent in STEM fields, with a particular emphasis on advancing minorities and women in STEM. For her work spearheading STEM as the foundation of invention, Intellectual Ventures proudly sponsors and shares Edie’s open letter to all inventors.

Writer and speaker Tom Friedman, gets it and so do we. When the U.S. faces a critical workforce shortage of trained scientists, engineers and technology pros, our competitive advantage shrinks. This leaves the cornerstone of the global economy in jeopardy.

STEMconnector is the information resource on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We are committed to the vision that jobs today and tomorrow require skills steeped in technology and infused with the entrepreneurial spirit of invention.  Patents and trademarks are part of STEM success and included in the framework of innovation.

Innovation in the workplace begins in the classroom with exposure to imaginative projects, programs, curricula, and competition.

Innovation in the workplace begins in the classroom with exposure to imaginative projects, programs, curricula, and competition. We need spirited, talent and committed teachers, experimental hands-on and on-line learning alike.

The STEM Innovation Task Force is accelerating sustainable STEM careers and wealth through innovation science and excellence in tomorrow’s new economy. Through the leadership of a powerful team of industry, government, and education experts the task force is identifying and endorsing relevant pathways to careers that are in high demand.

Bring out the creative juices and endorse organizations, corporations, teachers and systems building the excitement of hands-on and on-line learning. Salute those in R&D who are championing inventions, new products, services, and software.

STEMconnector joins Intellectual Ventures in stating that invention starts with STEM.  As Adriane Brown of IV has shared, “There is no shortage of problems to solve through invention, but women are underrepresented in the effort.” So STEMconnector works with others to support Million Women Mentors (MWM). Together we will all invent.

-- Edie Frasie, CEO of STEMconnector, business leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, with 40 awards for her work in diversity and women’s leadership

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