FIRST uses robots to teach teens the fundamentals of invention and business.

Make a Difference. Make a Robot.
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Make a Difference. Make a Robot.

What’s cooler than a robot? If you ask us, not much. The world of robotics is fascinating, and the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) that go into it are the building blocks of modern invention.

So, what can possibly be cooler than a robot? How about building a robot. That’s what thousands of high school teams across the country do each year as a part of the FIRST Robotics Competition. For six weeks, students team up with volunteer mentors and teachers to build a robot that can perform an assigned task—from shooting basketballs to throwing Frisbees, and more. At the end of the six weeks, those teams put their skills to the test when their robot competes against other local robots—all vying for a chance to be the top bot.

The competition ensures that invention has a direct and lasting impression on our nation’s youth. But it’s more than just building a robot. Students learn the value of STEM, project planning, fundraising, communication, and teamwork. Students participating in the program learn the business of invention firsthand by running their team like they would run a business, all while tapping into their inner inventor and leader.

Intellectual Ventures has been a proud supporter of Washington FIRST teams since 2011. In that time, nearly two dozen Intellectual Ventures employees have mentored hundreds of local teens. To learn how you can help inspire kids across the country through invention, visit the national FIRST website. For local information in Washington State, visit the Washington FIRST website.

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