Here at Intellectual Ventures, our business starts with invention. We invent on our own, we partner with others to invent, and we buy existing inventions. This intellectual property is the financial lifeblood of our organization and the larger invention marketplace we hope to build,  but none of it is possible without inventors themselves.

That’s where Project Eureka! comes in. In addition to our day-to-day business operations, we look for ways that our unique expertise can unlock the full power of invention and encourage future generations of inventors. Like the stories shared on this site, we focus our effort on three aspects vital to any "Eureka!" moment:

The Education

Science, technology, engineering, and math are the building blocks of modern invention. IV supports STEM education organizations in their mission to lay this foundation for future generations of inventors. To learn more about our volunteer and sponsorship activities, please visit the "Sponsorship & Giving" page on IntellectualVentures.com.

The People

An inventor's journey isn't an easy one, and it often requires the support of like-minded individuals. As members of this larger inventor community, we share stories, resources, information, and expertise that encourage inventors to continue their own journey toward “Eureka!” Please visit the "Stories of Invention" page to learn more, or tell us your own story of invention.

The Potential

In addition to our commercial invention work, we dedicate time from some of our top inventors to tackle problems like malaria and global warming. We hope to lead by example and inspire other inventors to take on challenges important to them, their community, and the world around them. Please visit GlobalGood.com to learn about some of our humanitarian invention work.